IV bar. Vitamin Shot Bar. Rapid Reboot. 

Columbia, SC

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Restore hydration to fuel the body. 


Replenish essential vitamins and electrolytes. 


Recover quickly and conquer the day with our IV bar, vitamin blends, and Rapid Reboot. 

Weight Loss

Enhance your weight loss with our vitamin shots. Vitamin shots provide metabolism support, carbohydrate metabolism, and energy. 

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IV Bar

RESTORE hydration. REPLENISH vitamins and electrolytes. RECOVER quickly with our specialized drips. 

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Vitamin Shot Bar

From B-12 to BCAA, we have vitamins to meet all your wellness goals. 

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Rapid Reboot

Dynamic pnemuatic compression boots for improved circulation. Reduced swelling, inflammation, muscle stiffness, and increase ROM.  

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What our customers are saying

B-12 shots gave me the energy I needed to get through my toughest workouts. 

T.S. -Columbia, SC 

How often should I receive B-12 injections? 

Every 2-4 weeks depending on weight loss and energy goals. 

I'm afraid of needles. 

Everyone is afraid of something. We have a secret weapon to ensure painless injection and/or IV insertion.

How often should I use Rapid Reboot?

Everyday if you'd like. The frequency of Rapid Reboot sessions are based on training intensity and frequency. Rapid Reboot can be used pre and/or post workout. 

How do you recover?

R3COVER with R3 Recovery Studio!

How long are IV bar sessions? 

IV infusions last between 30-45 minutes depending on specific drip. Our chairs are nice and comfy; so relax and enjoy the experience.